Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Missing the Mutt

And that's why I've been missing in action.

I've asked Daniel to post pictures for me. I phoned the Humane Society, and they said that he's a bit nervous (having trouble adjusting to being in a cage in a basement of a building) and that he should be up for adoption in a few days.

I dreamed about him last night. He was chasing a ball, happy as a lark. I woke up happy, until it hit me that he's no longer here.

I'll feel a lot better, I'm sure, when he has a new home.


  1. Dear Janet, your last post on Boscoe wouldn't let me comment, but I so sympathize with the situation. You will feel better when he is safely in a new home, but the transition is hard. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Kim. I didn't allow comments on that post about Boscoe, simply because the hurt was too raw.

    But I saw him on Thursday afternoon, and he's looking good. He's up for adoption, and they think it won't be long before someone takes him. They'll find him a home with no little kids, and it will all be good. :D


  4. Well that didn't work. But Boscoe is listed on the adoption page now.

  5. Tonight I got an email from the nice lady at the Humane Society. She said that a family is going to take Boscoe tomorrow for a trial run. If they like him, and they think they will, he'll have a new home! I am happy for him.


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