Thursday, November 5, 2009

A New Fireplace

Actually, not quite. It's a new stone wall and a new hearth going up in my Great Room... but we'll be using the OLD wood stove.

We had a wood stove that we used for years, but when smoke started to leak into our bedroom, we thought there was a problem. Turns out that an inspector confirmed that our over a hundred years old chimney was no longer safe.

So we spent the winter last year with no wood stove. This meant that when we were working on our computers in our classroom area, we did so with numb and barely-working digits. It was painful, cold and uncomfortable.

Just imagine my excitement now. Our son is in the process of building a stone wall. It has a sheet of steel behind the stone, and it will have gaps in the stone for air flow. It's going to be safe, and warm.

I am feeling very happy this evening, and counting my blessings. It's another one of those perks of having a large family - you're bound to have sons and daughters with skills to help with projects.

I can hardly wait!


  1. Yes, warm is good.

    And I think it will be beautiful.

    I love stone.

  2. It's gonna be AWESOME! I love woodstoves... it's the one big regret I have about our house, we don't have any snuggly warm spot from our wood furnace. I grew up with a woodstove, so I got accustomed to curling up in front of the fire with some tea and a good book. No more for me. :(


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