Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fierce Men

That's who I think I'll be facing tomorrow - fierce men who lie in wait, who will try to stir up strife. For no fault of mine, O Lord, for no fault of mine, they run and make ready. (See Psalm 59)

I am going to "Discovery" tomorrow. It's a chance for the lawyers to ask questions, to see if I actually have a case regarding the head-on collision I was involved in over two years ago. I picture the lawyers making lists and checking to see they have all of the details, then conspiring together to see what they can say that will discombobulate me.

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Psalm 29 says that Bloodthirsty men hate one who is blameless, and seek the life of the upright.

I may be exaggerating. The men I will face tomorrow may not be bloodthirsty after all. They may be sweet and kind, flattering me with their deceptive words. They may be sincere; they may be devious.

But I know that God will be with me. He will be displeased with any nasty treatment I may receive. He promised He would never leave me or forsake me; He promised that the truth would set me free.

So, I'll tell the truth, and I will leave the results to the Lord.


  1. If God be for (you), who can be against (you)

    You will be in my prayers tonight.

  2. You've given birth to 12 children and have been married to the same man for 36 years. Having faced all that, squaring off against lawyers is not insurmountable!


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