Monday, October 25, 2010

John Piper on Memorizing Scripture

I am studying "Spiritual Disciplines" with my church family, and one of the Spiritual Disciplines we are working on is Memorization.  I shared yesterday that when I was younger, it was VERY easy to memorize.  I read a passage over a couple of times, then worked on it a bit, and before I knew it, I had it memorized.  Teaching verses to children was a great way for me to embed the Word of God in my head.

As I have gotten older, I have found that it is much more difficult to retain large portions of Scripture.  I prefer to memorize a number of verses - at least enough to get the gist of the passage and keep it in context - and sometimes whole chapters. 

That's really hard to do.  Maybe it's the brain damage from the accident I was involved in nearly four years ago.  Maybe it's just the process of aging.  I'm finding it a chore to memorize.

BUT don't think I'm going to stop doing it.  I know the importance of hiding God's word in my heart, and I am NEVER going to quit doing it.

John Piper tells us why it's so important.  He says it so much better than I do.

I have experienced how sweet it is to commune with my God, using His perfect and beautiful and gracious and life-giving, life-transforming words.

Have you?