Sunday, November 15, 2009


We had a great day with Boscoe yesterday. Early in the morning, after Rick and Jared left for their day's work on the truck, Boscoe kept me company in the living room while I read my Bible. As he is wont to do, he looked longingly at my plate as I ate my breakfast, and as is my habit, I let him lick the yummy yolk off my plate.

I went out to my computer to check my email, and Boscoe came with me, curling up on the floor beside me, just keeping me company. By that time, the kids were up, and he went happily outside with them as they did the barn chores. That's the thing about Boscoe - everything's an adventure.

Later in the day we were doing outside chores. Boscoe was right in the thick of things. He chased the leaves as we raked. He pounced on the clumps of grass that were pulled from the driveway, shaking them to make sure they were subdued. He watched with eager anticipation as Critter dug a hole and planted some tulip bulbs, because you just never know if something will fly through the air that can be chased.

He wasn't all good today. I think it was Boscoe that left a little poop in the library. He had a fight with the Black Cat over some food. He jumped on the couch that is off limits. He certainly isn't a perfect dog.

I guess that's why we love him. We're not perfect, either. Boscoe is a daily reminder that no matter how bratty we are, no matter how "bad" or ill-tempered we are, God still loves us.

Yesterday, I thought that the hard part about taking him to the Humane Society would be the sadness my youngest is feeling. Critter is very sad. So are his sisters. I found out different.

Boscoe has flaws that are unacceptable. He has a deep mistrust of any little people, and has proven that time and again by nipping and biting the grandkids. We've done what we could to keep him caged when the grandkids are over - but last week he gnawed through the baler twine.

Nothing happened. As soon as we realized he was out, he was put back into the cage in the barn, and it was made secure.

That's not good enough, unfortunately.

So we said goodbye to the dog.

The kids are hoping and praying that the Humane Society will be able to find him a good home, where there are no little ones, and where the people will appreciate his strengths and overlook his weaknesses.

The hardest part, for me, was seeing him struggle as the worker led him towards the steps. He was going downstairs to be checked out before they put him up for adoption. I hated to see him strain to get away from what will be his new temporary home.

The nice part is that they do not kill animals at the Stratford OSPCA. He'll have a new home, with no little ones. I hope he'll be happy.

I'm going to miss him.