Friday, May 4, 2012

Pray the Scriptures

This article by Scotty Smith is a great reminder to me that I need the gospel every day.  Here's some notes I took to remind myself of the principles of preaching the gospel to myself as I search the Scriptures every day.

Timeless Truths

  1. I have been claimed by God's purposes for His kingdom.
  2. I must be still, and know that God is GOD.
  3. I must pray the Scriptures in a gospel-centered way, abiding continually in Christ, with
  • my mind informed by the will of God
  • my heart enflamed with the love of God
  • my hands extended in the service of God
I must have the Scriptures read me,
  • exposing my sin
  • revealing my Saviour
  • making me hunger and thirst for more of the gospel.
I must look for Jesus in every passage, praying the promises (NOT name it and claim it) with my eyes fixed on Jesus and His purposes.  This is not to be a self-centered exercise, looking for ways God will bless me and give me goodies.  Rather it is to be God-centered, looking for ways God will work for His own glory and the good of all of His people.

The central question in my mind as I read the Word of God is not to be "What can I do for Jesus?", but rather "What can I do with Jesus?"  I am in Him.  My body is a living sacrifice, given to my Master to be used for His good purposes.

  • Jesus is our Prophet - Listen to Him!  He is Truth.
  • Jesus is our Priest - Adore Him!  Thank Him! He is our Righteousness.
  • Jesus is our King - Obey Him.

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