Friday, May 4, 2012

Praying Proverbs Three

I have often prayed through the Scriptures as I read and study.  This post explains more of the purpose of gospel-centered, Christ-centered prayer.  Read along as I pray through Proverbs Chapter Three.


Your commandments are good.  You are my King.  Your steadfast love and faithfulness give me hope and purpose.  I trust You with all of my heart.  When the way seems difficult and unfathomable, I know that You are making my path straight.  You never leave us, nor forsake Your people.  I have only to walk with You, Good Shepherd. 

I am not wise - You are Wisdom.  I fear You - I want to please You - so I shun evil.  Give me wisdom and discernment today to know what to avoid, dear Lord.  You are my Master - I give you my obedience.

What shall we do with our wealth today?  How shall I honour You, Lord?

Thank you for reminding me of Your love, and Your good purpose in my suffering.  You led me to the blog post about the father who watched the nurse wrap his 3 year old in a sheet so the doctor could stitch him up.  What felt like torture to the boy was love from the father.  He laid on him and held him down in order to help him.  He loved his son in the midst of the pain and confusion.  In the same way, You love me.  

I do not despise Your discipline, Lord, for I know You have a reason for this suffering.  I am not weary of Your reproof, for I know You reprove those You love.  You delight in me!

Lord, You have blessed me so much, by giving me new life.  With that new life comes Your wisdom, which is more precious than jewels.  Riches and honour, pleasantness and peace --> Your way of wisdom is a tree of life, and I am truly blessed.

Lord, in creating the earth and the heavens, You have demonstrated Your wisdom and might.  Help me to remember that I am but a pinch of clay.  I humble myself before You. 

Jesus, Your wisdom and discretion give me life and security.  When I am with You, I do not fear, and my sleep is sweet.  You are my Confidence!  You keep me from being caught in a snare.

Go with me as I meet the people You bring into my life.  Give me Your wisdom and Your discretion.  I will not withhold good from others when it is in my power to do it.  Use me as an instrument of Your grace, dear Lord.

All of my dealings with neighbours are ordained by You.  Help me to walk humbly before You and before others, not contending with them, but doing my best to be an Ambassador.  Your curse is on the house of the wicked, but You bless the dwelling of the righteous, my Lord.  Bless us!  Keep us humble, so we can have Your favour.  We want to inherit honour, not disgrace.


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