Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer from Proverbs 6

Oh, Lord,

You warn us to give freely to those in need, yet not to enslave ourselves by putting up security for another's debt.  Help us not to hold our generosity like a badge of honour, for all honour and all glory belongs to You.  Help us never to exact usury or demand more than what is owed to us.  Keep us honest in all of our business dealings.

Thank You for giving us the ant as an object lesson.  You warn us to be diligent, and never to be lazy.  Help us to be wise stewards who use the things You give to bless others, by planning well, and working hard, and doing our best.

Lord, keep us honest.  We don't ever want to get ahead by cheating others, or by sowing discord.

Give us humble eyes that look to Jesus.
Give us honest speech that honours Jesus.
Give us hands that heal and serve and bless.
Give us hearts that long for Your glory.
Give us feet that run to spread good news.
Give us integrity, honesty, truthfulness, in all of our business dealings,
           and give us the wisdom to be peacemakers.

Lord, there are so many temptations in this world.  I pray for our sons and our daughters,
that they will keep their father's commandments, and will not forsake their mother's teaching.  Help them to remember the truths they have learned as we opened Your Word together.  Bring those principles to their minds when they work, when they rest, and when they arise every morning.

Keep our children, with Your commandments as a light,
                               and Your teaching as a lamp,
                               and Your discipline as welcome reproof.

Preserve them from the things that entice
                                 the adulterous woman
                                   the gaining of money
                                     the pleasures of sin or leisure.

Remind them of the dire consequences of sexual sin,
                    because he who commits adultery lacks sense, and destroys himself.

Oh, dear Lord,
            Keep our children pure.
                    Keep them away from temptation.

But if it comes,
            STRENGTHEN THEM by the Power of Your Might,
               and help them to RESIST, by the Power of Your Word,
                and by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

In the name of Jesus, Who ever lives to make intercession for us,

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