Saturday, September 10, 2011

Abiding in Christ - Day 3 - Trust Him to Keep You

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.(Philippians 3:12 ESV)

Is a life of unbroken fellowship with my Saviour possible?  

Or am I...

  • distracted by dishes
  • worried about washing
  • fretting over finances
  • plotting perfection
  • acquiring achievement?
Andrew Murray says,

"Abiding in Christ is meant for the weak and is beautifully suited to their frailty. . . It is simply weakness entrusting itself to a MIGHTY ONE to be kept, the unfaithful one casting itself on ONE WHO IS altogether TRUSTWORTHY and TRUE!"

We only have to yield, to trust, and to wait.

Jesus is the living home of my soul.

False thinking:  Saved and pardoned by grace, and now working to live as Christians.Praying for help, but considering the work as MY work to do.
"Abide in Me."  

Jesus' words are not words of the law, demanding us to DO.  
They are words of grace, blessing us with belief.

Think about this:

A Father is helping his son climb a steep precipice.  The son has no strength, but he thinks he can do it...but in reality, the Father's strength keeps him on the right path.  The Father's wisdom shows where to go.  The Father's power makes the child's climb successful.

The work of being a Christian is Christ's alone.  

His aim is to have me abide in Him.

  • unbroken fellowship
  • pardon and peace
  • filled by the Spirit
  • growing in grace
  • holy, fruitful
For this, Christ took hold of me.  

He leads me on the climb.  He shows me where to go.  His strength and power and wisdom are mine as I climb.  Without Him, I cannot do anything.  

Can I trust Him?

He Who sought me and found me?
He Who brought me near?

Can I trust Him to keep me?  To keep me IN HIM, moment by moment, day by day?

Oh, my Jesus, Saviour, Lord, Master, Friend,
Lover of my soul;
You know me.
    And even in the knowing
You love me.

Lift me to the place You bid me to go.
     Like the child who cannot climb the precipice 
              without the strength of his father's power,
I cannot go where You want me to be,
               without Your power.

Lift me there, dear Lord.
Keep me there.

Oh, Lord, keep me.  
I do abide in You.
I know that in You there is peace
                                             and joy
                                             and abundant life
                                             and blessed rest.

Give me the courage to boldly delare,


In Your presence there is fullness of joy.

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