Monday, August 31, 2009


About 21 days ago I began reading my Bible differently. I was intrigued by Professor Horner's Bible Reading System, which you can look at on Facebook, or download by clicking here.

The Bible is divided up into 10 sections, and you read one chapter per day out of each of the sections. It's designed to make you read different passages together, so you begin to see relationships between the Old and New Testaments, or between Job and the Psalms, and so on.

I figured out one thing: I am hungry for the Word of God. I was starving myself with my couple-of-chapters-a-day reading, that was often hit and miss. Now that I am reading more of the Word every day, I find I am MORE hungry. I meditate on passages throughout the day, and find myself looking forward to the early morning hour, so I can grab my ESV, my notebook, and my coloured pens.

I figured out another thing: It's not enough. The more I read, the more I want. The more I read, the more I talk to God, and listen for His voice. He is with me. I feel His presence.

It's not that He wasn't with me before. I've been a Christian for 32 years, and I have known all that time that God's promises are true - He never leaves His children, nor forsakes them.

But Christians are designed to know God intimately. The only way to do that is to read His word, to know His thoughts, to see His ways, to worship Him for His beauty and majesty, His compassion and mercy, His justice and wrath, His protection and care. I have seen all of these attributes and more, over and over again. I am in love with this beautiful God. I want to know Him more!


  1. You are the first person I'm acquainted with that has actually tried this system. And it looks like I will need to try it out for myself. I've been reading straight through and reading through a book at a time, but at times find myself wondering where I want to read next. Maybe by doing something different such as this will open new doors to me. I have the materials already, just hadn't implemented them. Maybe I will start tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Janet. I have been craving a change of pace, and I need my hunger for God to increase.



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