Saturday, August 15, 2009

Be Thou My Vision

Jesus went about doing good, and one of the good things He did was to heal the blind. Imagine not being able to see... and even more tragic, never, ever having seen a thing.

The thing is - we're all blind from birth. Oh, we think we can see. We think we observe the world around us and understand it very well. Scientists look at a rainbow, for instance, and say it's simply a refraction of light. Economists look at a faltering economy, and say they just have to put more money (half a billion dollars!) into the world markets, and everything will be alright. Sociologists look at wars and say that all they need is money and food and supplies and then the wars will cease.

The trouble is, we're blind. We're blind to the fact that the rainbow is a sign of God's promise, His everlasting covenant that He will never again flood the entire earth as He did in the days of Noah.

We're blind to the fact that the faltering economy and wars are simply a result of sin - pride and greed, self-centeredness, lack of compassion... failure to have a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. If people could really SEE, they'd know that God, who is Wise and Mighty and Powerful and Invisible is the One they are accountable to. If they really could SEE, they'd make choices based on mercy and love, wisdom and insight.

This is the thing: all of us must turn to Jesus, the Healer of the Blind, in order to live. When we suffer hardship or affliction, we have a choice: we can go on, arrogantly thinking we have it all together and we SEE, or we can turn to Him, admitting that we're poor and blind and naked and lost without Him.

Saul was one of those who thought he could see. He persecuted the people of the "Way", the ones who were following the man Jesus. That Man stopped Saul in his tracks, and afflicted him with physical blindness. Saul could see nothing.

He could have reacted like the people did in Isaiah 9 - they did not turn to him who struck them, nor inquire of the Lord of Hosts.

However, by God's grace, Saul repented. He prayed. He turned to the Lord who afflicted him, and the scales fell from his eyes. He could SEE!

That is my prayer for those people I love, who still do not see. May the God of grace open their eyes.

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  1. Thanks Mom. Encouraging post. I am still praying fervently, and I still have hope.


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