Friday, January 21, 2011

Weather Report from Atlanta


  1. At least she chooses what she gets upset about and lets us know ahead of time what and when it will be. When it gets right down to it I understand her concern about climate change. I have my own little story if I may.

    I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm 58 years old now and my mind goes back to about 12 years ago when Toronto had enough snow in January that the mayor called out the military to help clear away the snow. In truth it was a very heavy snowfall compared to some years before. The thing is, I remember going out for Hallowe'en when I was 5 years old in Toronto in snow up to my knees and that was normal for that time of year. Mind you they were the knees of a 5 year old, but the snow was at least 1' deep at the end of October.

    I guess I've lived long enough to see that there is a change in the weather that I have witnessed. These days if there's enough snow on the ground that it stays overnight we start to become uncomfortable and get ready to call out the military. My personal thanks to Canada's Armed Forces for being there and being ready.

  2. I love the snow, and I'm glad to see that this year we have a bit of the white stuff. Of course in Huron County we have a bit more than the cities do.

    My favourite winter memory is that of sliding off the roof of our bungalow into the snow drifts. I remember shovelling OVER my head to shovel the walkway. I remember snow storms so bad that people would be stuck in their houses until neighbours dug out their doors.

    I just thought that reporter was hilarious with her commentary on winter in Georgia. She doesn't often see any snow, I'd imagine.

    Thanks for the comment, Bruce.


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