Friday, January 7, 2011

Poetry by my Daughter

Linda is a thinker and a writer.  She blesses me.  I am posting her poems here for my own sake, so I can easily read them again when I want to.  I hope you'll be blessed, too, as you read these poems.  You can click on the titles to go to her blog and comment if you so desire.

Their Source

I screamed for peace to fill my wants;
Got only silence in response.
I wept for love to lift me up;
Disappointment filled my cup.
I wanted joy and nothing less;
Receiving only bitterness,
I wept, and wept, and wept; and then
Met up with the Son of Man
Finding Him, I've found it all,
Peace and Love and Joy in full.
Found by Him, and called His own,
I rest in the grace He's shown.

I Stand Ashamed

I lie ashamed before the King
In misery and endless grief
Every accusation stings
My soul; I can find no relief.

I kneel accused before the throne
But my Defender, speaking up,
Proclaims His goodness as my own
And takes my sin; He drinks my cup.

I stand as that grace takes its toll
But the accuser wants to fight
He demands to see my record whole
He claims it is his solemn right.

My Defender gives it him;
"Read at will," is what He said.
The records are in no way slim:
My heart is filled with sudden dread.

What is hidden from that book?
What unrecorded message hides?
None! Every action, every look
And thought and word besides:

All my wrongs are written there
All my sins for all to see!
It almost is too much to bear;
He opens it; he seeks to read.

The accuser stands in silence though,
His mouth is shut, his face gone white.
He slams the book with violence now,
And shouts with every form of spite.

"I would accuse," said he, "with pride
If the words could but be read;
But every single dot inside
Is covered over with blood red!"

My Defender gives a smile.
"If only you had understood.
You accuse, yet all the while
Her sins are covered with My blood.

"My sacrifice has paid her price;
You have no case, it is all done.
She is not yours, though you entice.
She is mine, and I have won."

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now...

I Wrote This... the beginning of the year, and I don't think I ever shared it here.
Yea, that was a bit of a rhyme. I'm awesome like that - all the time.


Morning Star

"Suspended in the morning sky
A star shines light, with radiant face;
I see it and I'm filled with joy,
Contemplating grace.

The Hand which made that star shine bright
Holds me close with tender care.
'Tis haunting: I am His delight
And I find comfort there."

Another Attempt at Poetry..or a Song?

While the idea of God's eternal, unending, unchanging love is easy enough to accept intellectually, sometimes it's more difficult to actually believe it. To accept it. That's why it's so important to preach the gospel to yourself; we (at least I) fall back on the idea that we can do things on our own, perform to the tune of legalism, and earn our own merit; the hard truth is, we can't.
The great truth is, He already did. God loves you. Jesus died for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Don't believe the lies, especially the ones from within, that whisper "you're not good enough. You have so many problems. You failed again." All of these things are true.

But none of them matter.

God matters. And God has declared you righteous. He looks on you with His face full of love and says "You, my child, are perfect to me."

Breaking On My Own

I’m falling even further
Than I ever fell before
Looking through this blackness
For a glimmer of hope
I can’t believe I broke so fast
I’ll never be the same
And in the midst of suffering
I call out Your name

I’m breaking on my own
I can’t do this alone
And even though I’ve tried
I know that I
Can’t do it myself

Why does it take a stab of pain
To make me realize
I've always been this mess of junk
I still believe the lies
I am not as in control
As I would like to be
I need Your voice to bring me back
Lord, You must set me free

I’m breaking on my own
I can’t do this alone
And even though I've tried
I know that I
Can’t do it myself

Draw me to Your arms again
Remove the chains that bind me
Take the guilt I feel right now
In my weakness You find me

I’m breaking on my own
I try to do this alone
Lord, You can set me free
You wash me clean and white
You give Your righteousness to me
You say I’m Your delight

You put me back together
Your patience has no lack
And even though I am still marred
Your love shines through the cracks

I’m broken on my own
I know I can’t do this alone
You never left me
You set me free
I live by Your grace

You have made me whole
I love You more and more
I’m breaking on my own...
But no; I’m not alone

Before and After?

I wrote this because I was thinking about the time before Christ, and afterward, and the stark difference between the two. (As a side theological note: by the final line I don't mean that Christians no longer sin - but "I am not what I once was"....) Thoughts?


Flailing sorrows, empty words
Swarming over me in hordes
Will this torture never cease?
I am lost; I can't find peace.

Taking painful remedies
That only strengthen the disease
I kill myself; and yet I claim
That I am not the one to blame.


Pointing fingers; ruined lives
All the while my sickness thrives
To break me down, delude, enslave
Until I meet an early grave.

This lie that cuts straight to the heart
This burden has become an art.
I am an expert at this life
Of death and war, of pain and strife.


Where is hope among my being? this mercy that I'm seeing,
Wondrous love outpouring here
Consuming me; it draws me near
And I find rest: At last! At last!

So now my former Self is past.

I'm going against every particle of my being by posting this. I don't do well with showing people my poetry.

How sweet the broken, blistered feet
Of those who spread the gospel pure!
Where blood, and dust, and sorrow meet
Where love is clear, and faith is sure;

Where tears despairing, happy tears,
Or tears of trials far and near
Come together through the years
To stop and be collected here.

Our God is just; He knows our frame
That we are dust, that we are frail-
Our God is here, so we proclaim
The Good News: Onward, without fail!

Fear not the wicked Enemy;
Proclaim the truth with a brave will!
To be sure he is a flea
He can harass, but never kill.

What harm that God decrees to bring
Will come to pass, from Him above
But know that even suffering
Is ordered by His steadfast love.

God is with you as you speak
About His grace, the Gospel true
Encouragement is what you seek:
Be encouraged! He's with you.


  1. Yes, Linda is talented. Thanks for sharing. And by the way, you're supposed to share your gifts, to glorify God. <3


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