Saturday, January 15, 2011

One of my most favourite things....

I just found out that a friend of mine in the online world is expecting a baby.  She's going to be 44 in a few days. Some would think she must be crazy to be delighted at the privilege of bringing a baby into this world when she's so OLD.  

She's not so old.

I was 44 when I carried Christopher under my heart for a very short time.  

Short, because he was born six weeks early.

But, just long enough, because he lived.

And I loved.

And I continue to love this wonderful, beautiful boy.  

There's nothing like bearing a child in your older years.  

Because of Christopher, I'm not only a Granny.  I am still a mommy.  I still get hugs every single day.  I still get "I LOVE you's", and smiles, and grins.  I get to teach him things and warn him about dangers and praise him when he does well and challenge him to do better.

I get to read his journals and laugh at his comments and marvel at his wit.

Oh, Jill, you don't know how good it will be.  Blessings on you, dear sister.  You are truly blessed among women.


  1. When my co-worker Sandra got pregnant at age 43, she was really worried about it so I told her about you, and how blessed you felt to have a baby at 44, and she was very encouraged by that! I think I've told you that before, but it's still a pretty good story. :)

  2. Yeah. Good story. And so true. It's a small club, this old mom's club, but we're all very, very blessed.

  3. Yay! :D

    I wouldn't call 34 weeks "very short". ;) Maybe just long enough.


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