Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pictures of the Living Room

This is the wall where we put the piano.  Notice the nasty baseboards that need to be sanded and varathaned?  We will do that when we sand and varathane the floor.

This is looking in from the kitchen.  The piano is on the right.  I want to recover the footstool in front of my chair.  The couch cushion is missing because it is wet, from the rain that leaked in past the tarp that was supposed to be protecting it.

You can see that we painted the wall that has doors to the front porch and the kitchen in a chocolate brown colour.  You can also see the trim work that needs to be done around the doors.  Baseboards, etc., have to be added.

Here are the two wall plaques I bought for the living room.  I like them!


  1. LOVE it.

    I do, I do.

    Wall plaques are awesome.

  2. Mom, it looks SO great! Awesome job. :)

  3. It's so pretty!!! :D

    Love the wall plaques, too.

  4. It looks SO good!

    I must come see it in person!!! :D

    Great job picking colours. Seriously, they look so awesome together! :D


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