Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merciful Saviour

I read Matthew 9 this morning.  Normally, I read at least five chapters, but I found myself lost in the truths of chapter 9.  There are glimpses of Jesus' authority, power and compassion that overwhelms me with His beauty.  In this chapter, He...

  • heals a paralytic (what a glorious day for him - sins forgiven; restored to health)
  • calls Matthew to be His disciple (what a wonderful thing to be called by Jesus)
  • eats with tax collectors and sinners (what grace!)
  • speaks with John's disciples (what joy - that the bridegroom has come!)
  • heals a woman with an issue of blood (what relief! after 12 years of pain)
  • restores a girl to life (astounding gratefulness!)
  • heals two blind men (the gift of faith - as you believe, so it will be done)
  • heals a demon-oppressed mute man (set free from demons to praise God)
  • teaches; proclaims the gospel 
  • heals, has compassion on the crowds
  • instructs his disciples to pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest
Jesus, you are my Saviour - the merciful and compassionate one.  You know that I was paralyzed in sin and corruption, and you raised me up to new life.  You know my thoughts (Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, "Why do you think evil in your hearts?") and you judge them, yet you have compassion on me and heal me.  You called me to be your disciple.  You eat with me, you walk by my side, you know my heart, and you love me.  You teach me to rejoice in this new life.  You open my blind eyes to see your truths.  You give me words of life to proclaim to others.  You open my mouth to speak your praises.  Lord, I pray that you use me to speak to the crowds.  I pray earnestly that you will send labourers into your harvest, to bring in the bountiful harvest of souls you are saving for your glory!

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