Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have a living room!

I know that comes as no surprise, because most people have a living room.  But for months and months and months I have not had a living room, because we were in the middle of redecorating it very, very slowly.

The wallpaper had to be scraped off.

The holes and blemishes had to be filled with mud.

Some of the walls had to be torn down and replaced, because there were issues with mould.

Prime paint had to be applied.

Then the paint had to be chosen, and rolled onto the walls.  Which Linda and others did.

Today, we cleaned up the mess, swept and vacuumed the drywall dust, and scrubbed the floor.  Daniel and Patrick moved the piano, then carried in the couch and the two chairs.  Daniel hung my pictures.  I scrubbed the furniture.  Tiana dusted and wiped down the piano.

And now, ta da, we have a living room.

Of course, there is trim work and finishing to be done around doors and windows.  There is more painting of trim to be done.  And some time soon, I'd like to sand the floor and apply varathane.  That will depend on $$$$.  So, until we can do that, we'll enjoy the living room as it is.

I'd post pictures, but my batteries need charging.

That is all.


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