Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do you ever feel like an itty-bitty turtle?

Like this itty-bitty turtle, we sometimes feel like curling up, drawing in our legs and hiding from others. I wrote a post the other day about not caring so much about what others think. The other side of the story is, DO NOT BE SO QUICK TO CRITICIZE another's choices.

I breastfed all of my 12 children. I birthed them naturally, with no drugs except for the occasional whiff of laughing gas - and all that did was make me dizzy - it didn't take away the pain. Oh, and there were the two C-sections, where I was knocked out and given all sorts of drugs, in order to save the lives of those two precious boys.

I refuse to criticize those who want epidurals. I refuse to criticize those who use formula. I confess to wincing a little, because I do sincerely believe that "Breast is Best", but I will not condemn another mother for her choices. She LOVES her baby. She's doing her best.

I homeschooled all of my 12 children. I took them through reading and phonics to Shakespeare and poetry. I guided them through fractions and decimals to algebra and geometry. We learned together, laughed together, and cried together. I am a homeschooling mom. We are a homeschooling family.

I refuse to criticize those who send their children to Christian School. I refuse to criticize those who send their children to public school. I admit, I wince a little, because I know that the pervasive attitude in the secular system denies a Sovereign God, but I know that the parents who are sending their children to that system love their kids. They pray for them. They are involved in their lives, and they teach their children the Word of God diligently.

Here's the rub: I like my own choices. My husband and I made our choices carefully, with prayer and much thought. But I am well aware that if any of our choices give great results, it is only by God's grace.

I had 12 healthy children. All by the grace of God.

Our children love the Lord and walk in His ways. All by the grace of God.

It's not because of our good choices. My C-sections taught me that I am not in control of the birthing process at all. Things can go wrong, and often do. We live in a corrupt and sinful world. If we're blessed with healthy children, it's by God's grace and mercy. Every. single. time!

Our grown children seem to have turned out all right. They are articulate, responsible, kind and generous adults. And that is all by the grace of God.

Take the time to listen to Josh Harris share his heart on this.


  1. Hey Janet,

    Our pal, Amy, over at Humble Musings, posted this, too, before her blog went down. She emailed me that she was posting it, and then, when I got notification, I was able to click on it, and see the video.

    I'm with you on what you've written. I homeschooled all ten of my kids, but I eventually put them (with one exception) in school at different intervals. It is, though, hard for me to swallow when some radical, militant homeschoolers claim that it is sin if one doesn't homeschool.

    Good post, as usual.


  2. Cathy, thanks for the comment. I shudder a little when you call the ones who believe that it is sin if one doesn't homeschool "radical, militant homeschoolers", because that sounds like they are a bit crazy. I don't believe they are crazy. I think they have come to their conclusions by reading the Word of God, by praying, by watching what is happening around them to other families. They have decided that homeschooling is BEST.

    I don't blame them for their decision.

    What I want to yell loudly from the treetops for all to hear (but fear most won't listen, anyway) is that God is GOD. He is Sovereign. He leads His dear children along, as the old ditty says. He is the One to Whom we must give an account. He is the One Who loves us with an everlasting, incredible love.

    We need to walk humbly with Him.

    And walking humbly with our God means that we will love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    NO matter how they educate their kids.

    (I know you get that...I'm not arguing. Just re-stating what I am trying to communicate, in case some of my radical, militant homeschooling friends pop by.) :D

  3. Sorry, no offense intended. I'm radical, and perhaps even militant, about some of my beliefs, so I guess those monikers don't offend me. Your remarks about my words offended me, though! I'm kidding.

    Wow, did that "ditty" bring back memories. That line is from an old hymn, "God Leads Us Along," and I actually started to hum it as I wrote that. Funny stuff...not the idea, just the memory of the song. See? I felt like I needed to clarify that so as not to offend.



  4. I thought about whether or not I'd offend you by my response, then decided that any mom of 10 has got to have developed a thick skin.

    We're older moms - and we've got a hard shell, don't you think? Not that we can't be offended, but hey, why bother letting the little things get to us? As Bob Newhart says, we must learn to "Stop it!"


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