Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celiac Disease - Big news, apparently.

CTV National News had a story about the increasing prevalence of Celiac Disease.

Celiac disease, a serious digestive disorder caused by an intolerance to gluten in the diet, is four times more common than it was in the 1950s, according to new research. And those who don't know they have the disease are a higher risk of death.

In people with celiac disease, gluten triggers an immune system
attack that damages the villi in the small intestine.

Celiac Disease is something I have lived with my whole life, although I didn't know it until approximately 8 years ago. Like many others, I had no idea why I had frequent canker sores, anemia, diarrhea or constipation, low energy, sore joints, etc. I didn't connect the ailments, and simply treated each thing individually. It wasn't until after my mother died that my sister figured out her problem...then the light bulb went on for me.

During 45 years of follow-up, undiagnosed CD was associated with a nearly 4-fold increased risk of death. The prevalence of undiagnosed CD seems to have increased dramatically in the United States during the past 50 years.

Celiac Disease may cause me to die younger than most. My mom was 65; her mom was 65. Both died of cancer. According to the news announcer, cancer or heart attack are the two causes of death for celiacs.

My dad died of a heart attack. He was 68.

You'd think I'd be worried. My odds are not that great of living a long, healthy life.

However, my odds of a glorious future are 100 percent. Like Rachel Barkey, I will trust in the Lord and wait for His salvation.

I Love the Lord - Psalm 116

116 I love the Lord, because he has heard
my voice and my pleas for mercy.
2 Because he inclined his ear to me,
therefore I will call on him as long as I live.
3 The snares of death encompassed me;
the pangs of Sheol laid hold on me;
I suffered distress and anguish.
4 Then I called on the name of the Lord:
“O Lord, I pray, deliver my soul!”

5 Gracious is the Lord, and righteous;
our God is merciful.
6 The Lord preserves the simple;
when I was brought low, he saved me.
7 Return, O my soul, to your rest;
for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

8 For you have delivered my soul from death,
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling;
9 I will walk before the Lord
in the land of the living.

10 I believed, even when I spoke,
“I am greatly afflicted”;
11 I said in my alarm,
“All mankind are liars.”

12 What shall I render to the Lord
for all his benefits to me?
13 I will lift up the cup of salvation
and call on the name of the Lord,
14 I will pay my vows to the Lord
in the presence of all his people.

15 Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his saints.
16 O Lord, I am your servant;
I am your servant, the son of your maidservant.
You have loosed my bonds.
17 I will offer to you the sacrifice of thanksgiving
and call on the name of the Lord.
18 I will pay my vows to the Lord
in the presence of all his people,
19 in the courts of the house of the Lord,
in your midst, O Jerusalem.

Praise the Lord!

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  1. Great reminder that our hope is in Heaven, and that our future is bright. It was good to take a moment and read Psalm 116.

    NOW, I'll see if I can get this to post.



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