Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Entrepreneurship Part 2 - OCHEC Conference

Have you ever thought about having your own business? How do you make that happen? Come and find out from Andrew Knor and Jake Zwart, two entrepreneurs who are home school dads. They will share the stories of how and why they became entrepreneurs.

Andrew spoke after Jake, and readily admitted that he was an unlikely candidate for owning a small business.  He is not a risk taker.  He likes all of his ducks in a row.  A college drop-out, he had absolutely no interest in starting his own business.

But God had other plans.  He delights in mercy, and gives us everything we need for life and godliness.  

Andrew was working for a printing company that was quickly falling behind in technology, so was struggling with being competitive in this computer age.  Andrew was offered 1/4 of a year's salary to go on his own.  His ethics prevented him from taking a client from his boss, and he really didn't want to start his own business.

More workers were laid off, the economy was slow, and the wrting was on the wall.  The boss declared bankruptcy.

Andrew wondered, "How will I provide for my family?"  The truth that we are utterly helpless without God hit home.  A call came in from the same client, with the same offer of 1/4 year's salary.

Andrew soon found himself completely out of his comfort zone, having to purchase a computer.  All computer mumbo-jumbo was complete gibberish to him.  He laid the entire situation before God in prayer, asking Him to show him what computer system he should buy.  

A neighbour spoke to his wife the next day.  He was a computer buff, and could speak computer!  Andrew made a major purchase of a computer, printer, and software, and it took him six months to learn it, painstakingly going through the manuals a page at a time.

There were other hurdles along the way.  He finally switched to MacIntosh, but a new neighbour from Australia was a Mac guru, and helped him in the changeover. 

Seventeen years later, Andrew has his own Graphic Design Solutions business.  He works out of his heated, two-car garage.  He's done snowmobile magazines, ATV magazines, and a Korean War Book.  His children help with phone calls, cleaning, filing, etc.  

Andrew said, "I don't always enjoy having my own business.  But God is totally faithful, and we look to Him.  No telling what He will do for our good and His glory!"

So you want to be an entrepreneur?  Look to God for the ANSWER:

Appeal to  the Lord.
Non-negotiable beliefs.
Way of Wisdom
Empowerment from God

Appeal to the Lord before you begin.  Examine your motives.  He will walk alongside you.  Jeremiah 33:3. 

Non-negotiable beliefs should be determined.  We do not work on the Lord's day.  This has earned our clients' deep respect.

Strategy - Evaluate talents, Make a business plan.  Service goes a long way.  Be the best you can be.  Speak to people in your industry.

Way of Wisdom - seek to glorify God in your business.

Empowerment - Give glory to God; be men and women of courage, love, self-discipline, honesty and integrity.  Look to the Lord for His strength.

Response - People will fail you.  Choose your response.  React in a way that pleases God.


  1. Sadly, I get lost as strategy.

  2. Anne, years ago I prayed that God would give us a home-based business so my hubby could have the kids work alongside him. We homeschooled, and it seemed logical to extend that to a home-based business.

    Rick opened a computer store and ran it for over 10 years. Now he's driving a truck. But both jobs have been self-employed, and in both cases he had his children helping him.

    It's been a blessing to us. We've learned to work together, to help each other, to take on jobs we'd rather not do because a family member is ill, and so on. It's been about building character as much as about bringing home the bacon. And the attitude of working together extends to doing housework, yardwork, gardening, and caring for the animals in our barn.

    So, don't get lost at strategy. Just appeal to the Lord. It's always astounding to see what He does in answer to our prayers.


  3. I really enjoyed his talk. He had a great faith in God and His mercy and grace.


Remember that you will give an account for every word. Respond with wisdom and grace, please.