Monday, May 11, 2009

The Door

My friend Royal preached yesterday on a topic that is too often neglected - Heaven!  It was an uplifting message, and it culminated with a poem that Royal wrote.  He gave me permission to post it here:

The Door


Before me waits a darkened door,

And terror’s tentacles reach out to grip my heart,

Yet gazing more, golden wisps of misty light,

Stream from lintel,

Cascade under door,

Seep through cracks,

Caress, surround, enfold me,

Pry open terror’s talons, so that,

Black fear falls vanquished to the floor.


Beyond the door a loving King,

Waiting until I shall pass,

In golden wisps sends Spirit, life, and hope,

Eternal life begun, abundant life secured

What terrors now can there be?

For when that deathly door opes for me,

My soul shall float on trusted golden mist

Find refuge, endless delight, pleasure unspeakable,

In presence of nail-pierced triumphant King.


Royal Hamel

April, 2009

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