Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am exhausted.  I am happy.  I have a few comments about camping with my family at Creekside.

  1. You are all the BEST!
  2. Jeffie is the BEST HOST.
  3. Adeena is da Bomb.  
  4. I am not going through all of you one at a time.  Too tired.
  5. But, you kids (big and little) are so cute.  Your smiles make my day.
  6. You're good at sports. 
  7. You play well together.
  8. I like Kate.
  9. You're competitive, but caring.
  10. Anna is a cutie-pie.  (All those London Billsons are.)
  11. Haley doesn't scream loud, but she's brave to demonstrate her "kata".  I want to see all of the katas next time.
  12. Elena and Tiana  and Linda are GREAT aunties.
  13. Patrick and Daniel are GREAT uncles, too.
  14. Wesley is the blondest baby around.
  15. I love chubby baby legs.
  16. The stars are beautiful at Creekside. So's the moon.
  17. That is the coolest outhouse ever.
  18. Linda and Critter have the beat down pat.
  19. Thanks for the hydro.  You spoiled me.  I'm worth it.
  20. Thanks for the Yellow Tail.  You spoiled me.  I'm so worth it.  :D

I have no more thoughts tonight, except that I thank God for my family, for the great outdoors, for good food and good fun and grandchildren and cousins and love and friendship and caring, especially for those who hurt.


  1. Amen to that!

    I agree completely with your list.

  2. And you have the best camping set up ever. Ever. You do rock.

  3. Great list!! :D

    Don't you mean you *LOVE* Kate?!? :D :D

  4. Yeah, I was going to say that too, and Adeena beat me to it. You LOVE Kate. :D

    And I'm not on your list.

    But it's still a good list. Just not a great list. I would have made it great. :D


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