Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Prayer of Trust in God -- Part Two - Taken from Psalm 4

O Father, when men think of Your attributes - that You are completely self-Sufficient, and need nothing outside of Yourself, that You are Sovereign over everything (each atom, each molecule, each thought, each word) You created, that You are Holy, Powerful, Faithful, Good, Patient, Gracious, Merciful, and Full of Wrath - they ought to tremble.  They ought not to sin.

I meditate in my heart when I lie in bed, still, before You.  I offer You the sacrifices of my righteousness - mortifying the flesh, putting to death those sinful thoughts and words and deeds that You, my Saviour, already died for.  How dare I fear?  How could I whine and complain and fret and worry?  The God of the Universe is on my side, and He Who Does Not Lie has promised never to leave me, nor forsake me.  I trust in the Living God.

Lord, it grieves me that the world cries out, "Who will show us any good?"  They see your goodness every day, in the rising of the sun, in the food on their table, in the smile of a lover... and yet, they are NEVER satisfied.

Charles Spurgeon wrote, "Never satisfied, their gaping mouths are turned in every direction, their empty hearts are ready to drink in any fine delusion which impostors may invent; and when these fail, they soon yield to despair, and declare that there is no good thing in either heaven or earth."  How terrible.  How tragic.  Lord, may my thoughts be ever turned towards You, and may I always remember that You are the fountain of life!

Lift up the light of Your countenance on me, O my God.  You have put gladness in my heart.  Whether or not I prosper, I have You, and You are enough.

Fill me with Your Spirit, O God, and let me ever sing Your praises.  Keep me from the temptation of looking at my circumstances and responding like the foolish.  Let me never sit up to watch through fear, but let me lie down upon my bed in peace, knowing that You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety.

In lying down to sleep, I put my trust in You.  I let the cares of the day go, and rest in Your unfailing love, and in Your power to keep me all through the night.

You are so good to me.

I am forever grateful.

In Jesus' name, I pray.

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