Sunday, January 5, 2014


The sermon today was about living a balanced Christian life.  I'll put a link to the sermon notes when I get them done.  I'm not disagreeing with the premise that we need to live a balanced life.

But here's a quote to ponder:

Regarding balance, I can sure see where that is a very serious trap--for if we are the determiners of balance, then we would be usurping the authority of God. . . In Christ, we have utterly forsaken balance -- we don't even try to balance our salvation- - we pitch ourselves fully into the arms of Jesus who carries us through to the other side. The problem of balance then rests with the one who carries the weight -- and He said, "Cast all your cares (weights) on me" . . . or He speaks of His yoke and burden which is light. So how can Jesus, who bore the sin of the world upon himself, be a light burden for us? Praise God that He is a light yoke/burden! That means He is the one responsible for balance -- we just have to surrender it all to Him! . . . If we have thrown the weight of our burden onto Christ, and He in turn has had us take up His yoke and burden which is light, then of course we are out of balance. ~ Jack Helser
I'm thinking there's something to be said for passion, for intention, for determination, for wholehearted pursuing after the One who has given us our every breath.

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