Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside.

It's cold outside.

That's an understatement.  I read online that places on earth today were colder than Mars, and that Ottawa was colder than Antartica.  Brrrr.

In spite of the cold, two of our daughters came for a visit, bringing with them 13 delightful children.  The chaos reminded me of the weekly gatherings we used to have.  Our married daughters would come once a week for homeschool co-op.  Teaching, fellowship, fun outside, crafts, food, noise and confusion were the order of the day.  It was exhausting, but it was well worth the effort.

As I watched the kids and listened to the women chat and laugh and share their lives, I reflected on the fact that we rarely do this any more.  Kids have grown, schedules are full, and there have been some difficulties in relationships.  We don't get together once a week for co-op, and that makes me sad.

However, I am grateful for many things.

I'm glad we see all of our kids on a fairly regular basis.
I'm thankful that the grandkids are healthy and happy and growing like weeds.
I'm ever so grateful that our married kids have good, loving, hard-working spouses.
It's good to know that this old house is big enough to hold 15 more than normal, which is 6.

It's cold outside, but my heart is warmed.  

Thank You, Lord, for family.

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