Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Gifts Found

Today, I found some pictures that I had forgotten I had.

One was of Matt as a baby, with buggy eyes and drooly mouth, being cuddled by big sister Rachel.  Rachel's daughter Heidi is the spittin' image of her mom.

The second was of our two horses, Chance and Shantel, with Rachel and Becky mounted on them, ready to go for a ride.  I have such wonderful memories of those horses and friends.  Hard to believe that Becky is now a doctor and "mom" to a bunch of huskies, and Rachel is a mom of five beautiful children.

The third was of Rachel with Baby Trenton in her lap, driving the old White tractor with the trailer on the back.  Tiana was in the trailer, chewing on her hands.

Pictures remind me of good times and bad, of happy and sad.  Those horses died of botulism, and that was very sad.  Yet the pictures bring back beautiful memories of raising children with joy and love.

I'm glad I found those three gifts.

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  1. I remember every moment, except holding buggy eyed Matt. He grew on me though....had to name one of my babies after him. ;-) Memories, even the bad ones, remind us what truly matters. I love you Mom.


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