Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Gifts at Three pm.

The gift of eggs.  Critter went to the barn and found two eggs, newly laid and fresh as could be.  I used them to make mayonnaise, yummy with bacon bits on salad.   Thank You, Lord, for abundance in the middle of these lean times, for richness on lettuce, for olives and onions and wine.

The gift of children.  Linda is playing a game with little boys and girls.  I hear laughter, and Ava shouting loud, warning of danger.  Thank You, Lord, for loving relationships between Auntie and nephews and nieces, between Granny and grandkids. 

The gift of home.  I've been away for a few days, visiting with a beloved friend in a house with no dog hair, no cracked tiles, no shabby paint or leaking roof.  How wonderful it was to be there, to come away for a while and rest, and read, and create, and build a long-lasting (over a quarter-century) relationship!  Reality hit when I walked through the door of this old farmhouse, with its many deficits and decorating disasters.  The house shakes when the washer is running.  The house leaks when the rain is falling.  The house shows signs of wear and tear, of mud and grime and pet hair everywhere.

But... it's HOME.  Thank You, Lord, for home, for things familiar and people precious. 

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