Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grandkids and Food

Lunch time was a nightmare today, with 8 extra mouths to feed. It wasn't so much the extra children. . . after all, I AM the mother of 12 and Granny to 19 (well, the 19th is in her mommy's tummy, but it won't be long until I get to cuddle her).

The biggest problem is that each of those children has allergies. Not the same allergies. Some can't have corn; others can't have carrots. Some are allergic to bananas, while others are allergic to potatoes. It makes for an interesting meal time.

I started with the youngest (Wesley, just turned 1). "Trenton, can Wesley have rice cakes with peanut butter?" Yes, and he has his mini-rice-cakes, and he can have the peanut butter with corn in it. "Can he have eggs?" Yes! Wesley was fine, and happy, and only screamed blue murder when he saw his older sister with a drink of water. Once he had his drink, he was happy. Good boy.

Heidi and Matthew were next. Heidi could have the peanut butter with corn, but Matthew couldn't, and because they are twins and share EVERYTHING, Heidi would be better off with the all-natural peanut butter. Both of them wanted eggs, and "peanuts" (which were actually almonds).

Ava was next. She can have corn, so she got the good peanut butter. I told her NOT to share. What kind of Grandmother teaches her granddaughter not to share? The kind that understands food issues.

Stewie was easy. He LOVES food. I had to clean the grime and smears off his glasses. He readily accepted organic tomato paste as a substitute for ketchup, and ate his rice cakes and eggs right up.

Emma, Nate and Quinlan were appeased with some nuts and rice cakes, while they were waiting for their eggs.

Critter did well with the same.

The big kids fended for themselves, because by this time the little ones were clamouring for more... more food, more drinks, etc.

I love each and every one of my grandbabies, and I delight in their hugs and kisses. I know it would be a lot easier if they all could eat the same things; but hey! They are unique. They are loved. They are special!

And I am their very blessed grandmother.


  1. Yes, yes you are.

    And they LOVE you.

    And you don't know, yet, the impact you have on their wee little lives.

    They love you.

    Yes, yes they do.

  2. ^ Yup.

    Meal times are always interesting! :)

  3. It's good for your brain damage to have to think. ;)

    Your children rise up and call you blessed. :)


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