Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tree is Gone; Pigs are Gone


I was always afraid that it would come crashing down on a windy day, as did the rest of them three years ago or so. I didn't want it to do so when kids or dogs were about.

Tree guy was efficient and had the whole thing down in less than an hour.

I am relieved.

Plus, I now have a great view of the field.

The pigs were loaded onto the horse trailer and taken to Bachert's Meats. They will soon make their way into various freezers. I am glad to see them go... I need the room for the meat birds that will be arriving soon.

We had one of those practically perfect in every way spring days. Truly a "slice of life".


  1. No one took pictures! I was knee deep in muck chasing the pigs out of the pen, so I wasn't taking my camera in THERE. :P

    Someone should have taken pictures! Oh well, live and learn.

    It was a good day! I had fun. I helped load piggies, then I helped tear a door off of the barn. Much fun! :)

  2. HAHA! My WV was "dedlecow"

    DEADLY COW! Mooooo I kill you.


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