Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cross of Christ

Why the cross? Why does it matter?

At this time of year many Canadians celebrate "Easter". They have egg hunts in the local parks. Mothers buy their kids new clothes, and off they go to church for their twice-yearly trek. (Christmas and Easter) They tell each other "Happy Easter", and have no idea why it matters so much.

It matters more than they can imagine. They can see it all around them if they open their eyes. Unfortunately, they are deaf, and blind, and cannot see the reality no matter how hard they look. They have offended a Holy God, and they are on the road to destruction.

When a tragedy hits like a ton of bricks what is the first thought that comes to mind? Do you think, "Why did God allow this to happen? Couldn't He have stopped it?" If you know Him, the answer is, OF COURSE HE COULD HAVE STOPPED IT! He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present. He misses nothing. He sees it all.

This is the key: He is working at all times, in every way, to bring glory to His name. He deserves the glory.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power,
for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are (exist) and were created. Rev. 4:11

There are constant reminders we witness daily that tell us that this world is not as it should be. A plane crash kills many Polish leaders, sending Poland into turmoil. A work-place accident kills the father of three. A 'possum lies dead in the middle of the road, guts spread all over the place. Cancer takes another life. Banks fail; life savings are lost. Where is God in the middle of all of this?

People tend to get mad at God when they hear of yet another wrong done to an innocent victim.

They forget that God is mad at them.

God is offended with a people that would choose an apple over HIM. He provides everything - EVERYTHING they need - for life. Air? God made it. Try living without it for more than a minute. Water? God made it. Try going without it for a day. Food? Gifts from a bountiful God. Pleasure? God designed the taste buds, the nerve endings, the sheer joy experienced by man and woman in intimacy. Yet, men and woman go through life with nary a thought about God. They are not grateful. All they want is more... more apples.

God, the Giver of Life, is offended. Wouldn't you be? If you gave your very best to another, and were spurned, wouldn't it bug YOU?

That's why the cross is so important. Do you think it is? Or do you think it's "just a piece of stupidity in a distant historical context?"

If it's stupid to you, you don't get that you're sick - no, really sick. You've offended a Holy God, and there's no hope at all, apart from Christ.

Until I understand that I am a sinner, that God really hates me for it, and that I really am going to the place where the fire burns without being extinguished and the worm does not die, I can't begin understand the love he showed me when his Son died in my place for my sins, bearing the full weight of his Father's wrath against me. ~Gordon Cheng

Go here and read the rest of Gordon Cheng's post. May God open your eyes to the truth.


  1. Exactly.

    You should comment on my blog, as I always try to comment on yours. Even if it is one word.

  2. I used to get the question "why would a loving God do this to me?" in regards to family matters - my non-believing family. Very shortly, I learned to answer with "why would you think God owes you anything? what have you been doing for Him?" Not very tactful, but truthful. And anyone who was really seeking the truth will continue to ask ask questions.


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