Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes I act like a jihadist

It's so easy to do well at what I do, and swell with pride. It's also easy to do a rotten job, and despair. I've often found myself fluctuating between those two polar opposites. The problem is, I'm forgetting about the gospel. I'm falling into the trap of thinking that God sees me, as Russell Moore says, in "terms of some cosmic scale of my good deeds and sins."

Russell Moore makes a valid point regarding vengeance:

I love my country. I hate terrorism. And I’m hawkish on the war against radical Islam. But I sometimes act like a jihadist too. Every time I believe that God’s vengeance ought to be administered by me, rather than by the Cross or the Judgment Seat, well, that’s something other than the gospel (Matt. 26:52).

Go here to read the full story.

Then, don't forget to preach the gospel to yourself!


  1. But... I *like* administering vengeance... at least in my head. ;)

    And yes, I know it's wrong. Sigh.

  2. It's a matter of renewing the mind. We can't just think God's thoughts here and there. It's a daily battle to think Biblically about everything. Because we're selfish creatures, our natural bent is to place ourselves on the throne, where God is. We think we can fix the world, fix the government, fix our kids, fix ourselves. But the truth is that we are impoverished and can do NO good thing, apart from Christ. He is all in all. We are nothing. But by His grace we are encouraged to live a life that matters. And it only matters because of Him. Cool, eh?

  3. Great quote. I can so identify with this. There are other places I mistake my approach as the gospel.

    Looking forward to exploring more. I found your blog through Amy's place. I've been not blogging or reading for a few weeks due to a move but anyway....I'll be back :o)


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