Tuesday, February 16, 2010


And I don't mean dizzy.

Daniel tried (and failed, more's the pity) to get his DZ license to drive his dad's truck a couple of weeks ago. He had to wait 10 days to reschedule, which meant the earliest he could reschedule his test for was the 15th of February. He went online and made his request. Success! Only trouble was that he'd have to do it in Woodstock, which is an hour away. We're down to the wire, because Rick has surgery scheduled for this Wednesday, and he won't be able to drive. So, we took the appointment for the 15th. Or so we thought.

Got a call from DriveTest Matt, who asked if we wanted an appointment for a DZ test on the 16th of Feb. NO, we said...we already have one scheduled for the 15th. Why delay a day?

DriveTest Matt called back a few minutes later. "I took the liberty of checking Daniel's test time," he said. "Turns out it's for MARCH 15, not February 15. Do you still want the appointment for the 16th?"

"YES!" I stated categorically. Inside, my emotions were fluctuating between death (oh, no, we almost made a terrible mistake which would have meant driving the truck an hour to find out that the place was closed for Family Day) and thankfulness (thank God He prompted Drive Test Matt to call us and ask us if we wanted the appointment, and thank God the guy who HAD the appointment decided to cancel)!!


So, Daniel has an appointment to get his DZ license tomorrow afternoon. Prayers would be appreciated. Rick has his surgery on Wednesday. More prayers would be nice. I have to go to St. Thomas on Thursday. Life is very busy.

But God is Good. All of the time, in every way.

Even to dizzy people like me. Especially to me.


  1. Actually, since it is 'way past midnight (who knew?) he has his test for today.

  2. I hope he can pass this time!!! I know that is so hard!

  3. Oh man! That would have scared the daylights out of me!

    I'll be praying for Daniel, today. God knows.

  4. This is the type of week in our lives we need to be carried by Jesus, with our eyes shut.

  5. UPDATE: Daniel passed, with flying colours! He is driving today.

  6. YAY! I have often stated to teens in our life that I probably couldn't pass the G test anymore the way it is set up for them. The DZ would be an even greater challenge. Good for Daniel!


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