Monday, April 20, 2009

Humility in Service

From the Valley of Vision:

Mighty God,

I humble myself for faculties misused, 
opportunities neglected, 
words ill-advised, 
I repent of my folly and inconsiderate ways, 
my broken resolutions, untrue service, 
my backsliding steps, 
my vain thoughts.

O bury my sins in the ocean of Jesus' blood 
and let no evil result from my fretful temper, 
unseemly behaviour, provoking pettiness.

If by unkindness I have wounded or hurt another, 
do thou pour in the balm of heavenly consolation; 
If I have turned coldly from need, misery, grief, 
do not in just anger forsake me: 
If I have withheld relief from penury and pain, 
do not withhold thy gracious bounty from me.

If I have shunned those who have offended me, 
keep open the door of thy heart to my need.

Fill me with an over-flowing ocean of compassion, 
the reign of love my motive, 
the law of love my rule.

O thou God of all grace, make me more thankful, more humble; 
Inspire me with a deep sense of my unworthiness arising from 
the depravity of my nature, my omitted duties, 
my unimproved advantages, thy commands violated by me.

With all my calls to gratitude and joy may I remember 
that I have reason for sorrow and humiliation;

O give me repentance unto life;

Cement my oneness with my blessed Lord, 
that faith may adhere to him more immovably, 
that love may entwine itself round him more tightly, 
that his Spirit may pervade every fibre of my being.

Then send me out to make him known to my fellow-men.

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  1. Amen!

    I love the Valley of Vision. Someone took it from my desk...


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