Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bears Repeating...

My daughter Linda wrote a poem today.  I love poems, especially when they are written by a person I love, about the God Who Is Love.  So, here you go:

A quiet stirring nestles in my soul; 
A gentle soothing, potent as the air;
A peace so great, it's fathomless and whole - 
It fills me with a stillness free from care.

Such wonder this, that calms my every nerve
And contemplating now, I bow my head;
This peace is far beyond what I deserve;
It c omes because He took pain in my stead.

For every lash He took, He bought me back
He paid the full price as the nails drove in
Because of Him, forgiveness has no lack
And I am separated from my sin.

I wildly hate the Self I used to be
Vile, putrid, ragged, evil, wild;
Yet now because my Lord has called to me
I am proclaimed as my Father's child.

A Holy God can't stand the deeds of men.
Constant sinful acts and thoughts entice
None is good; no single one! So then,
Because of this there was a sacrifice.

A quiet stirring nestles in my heart.
Renewed and changed, I bear the mark of He;
By His love and grace I'll ne'er depart
Christ, the Lord and Saviour, died for me.

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