Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodies online!

I am so happy to have discovered (through Tim Challies) Jay Adams' blog.  I didn't know he wrote a blog.  Tim linked to Jay's blog today, commenting on the fact that Jay Adams is now 80.  
I clicked over to Jay's blog, and was delighted.  It's full of practical help on how to counsel...but there's more.  Jay shares his wit and wisdom and life experiences.  

It only took a short time for me to realize that I'd have to visit regularly.  I dashed off a short note to Mr. Adams, wishing him well on his 80th birthday.

Why am I such a fan?  Because Jay Adams made a difference in MY life.  Seventeen years ago Rick and I were separated.  Rick was living at his computer store, and I was home with 8 children, with the 9th on the way.  Our trials were many - financial, spiritual - and the answers were few.  Rick wasn't being the husband I thought he should be, and I wasn't being the wife he thought I should be.  We were at an impasse.

Providentially, we ended up in the counsellor's office.  Ron (our counsellor and friend) used the Bible and books by Wayne Mack, Larry Crabb and Jay Adams to teach us that our marriage could glorify God, if we learned to do it His way.  We've spent the past 17 years learning just that. 

The Bible is one of our glorious treasures.  Nouthetic counselling takes the Bible and applies it to real life.  I thank God for starting us on this path seventeen years ago.  I thank God, too, for Jay Adams, and the impact his writing made on my life.

Happy Birthday, Jay!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn't know he had a blog either!

    Glad to see I can post now! LOL


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