Monday, March 4, 2013

Out of Sync

My life has been upside-down this year.

I've been weeding and organizing -weeding out the many superfluous books that I have, and organizing what is left.  Until that task is completed, I'm afraid I will be neglecting my blog.  (Sorry.)

I've also begun a new medication that is designed to help me with the constant pain I endure.  I take it at 9 pm, and it enables me to sleep better than I have in quite some time.  However, now that I am sleeping better, I am not up before the chickens or the Critter.  That has thrown off my groove.

My normal routine has been to go to bed, toss and turn, wake up frequently, and give up sleeping around six o'clock in the morning.  I get up, make coffee, and go to my "Bible Study Desk".  I call that one my "Bible Study Desk" because it is then distinguished from my "Computer Desk" and my "Craft Desk".

Anyway, if I start at my BSD, sipping coffee and reading God's Word, I take notes and usually have something to share with the world.  Hence this blog.

But since I started the new medication, I've been sleeping in.  I get up around 7 or even as late as 8, and Christopher is already up and at it.  This means that he is trying to play a game before his mother gets after him to feed the horses and chickens and dogs and cats, and bring in the wood, and take out the ashes and the compost.  Because he is in the Great Room where my Computer Desk is located, I mosey on out to check on him and to bark orders his way, then  I sit down to quickly check my email.

I don't visit my BSD.

I haven't been reading my Bible much.

As a result, I haven't been blogging.

(Did anyone miss me?)

I do have a plan.  I want to work very  hard at re-organizing the library.  I have given away 30 boxes of books, and will have more to give away at the end of this week.  I have to move a few books and dismantle a shelf in order to open up the cluttered area and make it into an inviting space.  I'll need lots of help from children to do so.

Once the library is clean, I have to start my seedlings.  I'll put them on a shelf in front of the south-facing window, which is perfect for that.

After that is done, I plan on getting back in sync.  I'll set my alarm if I have to, so I can get up before Critter and get back to reading and journalling and writing.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I deal with daily pain.  Moving books and organizing makes the pain worse, but it will be OH SO WORTH IT to have a delightful space for our family library.  I'm keeping all of our favourite books.

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  1. At least you are keeping your FAVOURITES. :D

    I AM glad you're sleeping better. I don't think you should set an alarm. Your body needs to catch up. Once you are, I'm sure you'll be up before the Critter once again.


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