Friday, November 4, 2011

Real Prayer

"Real prayer has eyes on Christ, not the crisis."
                                           ~Ann Voskamp

Ann has written a gem about prayer.  Go and read it.

Ann writes, "I don’t know how God hears the wail of the woman howling raw for that one man to come love her right. The ache of the daughter rejected by the icy parent. The choking breath of the man crushed hard by a weight of debt."

The truth is that it is a hard road to travel, this road that the Lord leads us down.  In the middle of the crisis, He teaches us that He never fails, not even when the answer to our begging is NO.  

I have "howled raw" for those I love.  I know what it is to be rejected and crushed.  

But this I know, too:  My Saviour never fails me.  He never falters.  He is always, always faithful.

Keep your eyes on Christ, Beloved, no matter what crisis you are enduring.  

Real prayer has eyes on Christ, not the crisis.

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