Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today is our son's birthday.

I was going to write my thoughts about Day 15 of Abiding in Christ, but decided to postpone until tomorrow for two reasons:

  1. It's Jared's birthday.  He is steadfast, loyal, hardworking, reliable, friendly, funny, and a kid at heart.  He loves surprises.  He loves teasing his siblings and nephews and nieces.  He's generous and kind, and mean and nasty (all in good fun).  He makes the best eggs in the morning for his Mom.  I love him, and I trust God that He has Jared in the palm of His hand.
  2. My wrist hurts.  My dog was a kennel dog for the first 8 months of her life, and she did NOT learn manners when it comes to food.  She has not yet learned that it is not permitted that she should help herself to food on the counter, on the table, on the stove.  She's been rebuked and warned, but still thinks she can put her nose right next to your plate if you've got something delicious.  Yesterday, she had the nerve to get into my bowl of food when my back was turned.  I hollered and whacked.  I think I broke a bone in my wrist.  On the upside, she was better behaved at breakfast.  On the downside, it hurts to type.  See you tomorrow, dv.


  1. I surprised Jay with cake. ;)

    Bad dog!! Hopefully it's just a bruise, and not really a broken bone... :/

  2. Hmmmm, reminds me a lot of J when he was about that age...

  3. No, actually. Jay didn't so much steal people food. It was CAT food, remember? :D

  4. Adeena, Jay was thrilled.

    Yo, you are funny and you made me laugh. Trust you to tie points one and two together.

    (I love you.)

  5. Ha! I've got a well behaved dog that is so confused to have the baby sitting on the floor (at the dog's level) and NOT take the food that is held out. We have to train the baby to keep his food to himself - for the sake of the dog's sanity!

    And, of course, a happy birthday to your baby boy.


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