Monday, March 7, 2011


Ephesians is one of my favourite books in the Bible.  (I think I say that about all of them.)  There is such richness packed into this little book!  It starts by outlining the amazing spiritual blessings of one who has been called by grace out of darkness, into light.

We have been

  • blessed with every spiritual blessing
  • chosen in Him
  • predestined for adoption in love
  • blessed with His glorious grace
  • redeemed
  • forgiven of our trespasses
  • shown a mystery
  • given an inheritance
  • sealed with the promised Holy Spirit
Because we have been given so much, 
   we ought not to cease praying for the saints, 
       that God would give them wisdom 
            and help them to KNOW Him
                                and to understand the hope of their calling
                                and the riches of their inheritance
                                and the greatness of God's power
                                and the beauty of Jesus.

Too often we forget that we are truly blessed.  We begin to take things for granted.  We have warm beds to sleep in at night.  We have food on the table.  We openly read the Word of God and meet with other Christians, free from harassment or persecution.

We have a hope that is sure - one day we will see our Saviour face to face, and we will dwell in inexpressible glory with Him.  

Better than material blessings and the peace that passes all understanding is the fact that we have been forgiven of all of our trespasses, and shown a mystery that is incomprehensible apart from the revelation of Jesus Christ.  The gospel is simple, but makes no sense, unless God has opened your eyes to the truth.  

Are you grateful?

Do you understand how very blessed you are?

Do you realize that every good and perfect gift that you enjoy every day is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights - this Glorious Heavenly Father who delights to bless His children, and Who has lavished His love on us?  

Do you stop to thank Him?

When you snuggle that sleeping baby and feel his breath on your cheek, do you marvel at the grace of God in giving you this gift?  

When you rush to the car and open the door and get in and turn the key, are you thankful that it starts for you, and you can get to that appointment on time?

When you are cared for by a doctor, a nurse, a chiropractor, a naturopath... when someone uses the skill he has acquired by many long hours of study to bless you and help you stay healthy, do you breathe a prayer of thanksgiving to Him Who gave the gift of intelligence?

When the sun shines yet again, and the birds begin to gather once more in the trees next to your house, do you rejoice in your Creator and His times and His seasons?  When you plant a seed and nurture the living thing that pokes its head through the dirt, do you jump for joy?

You ought to, you know.

EVERY GOOD GIFT is from above.  Every mercy, every grace, every joy, every sorrow... all come from the loving Hand of a loving God Who blesses us daily.

Live a life of praise, my friends.  See the blessings, the ordinary everyday blessings, as what they are:  GIFTS FROM GOD.

And be ye thankful.


  1. If we were to receive all of the blessings God has for us at once, we would explode. His willingness to spread it out over time is a clear picture of His love.

    I marvel, and weep with happiness.

  2. Very true.

    I do thank Him every day for my sleeping baby... but I don't always remember about the mundane regular stuff. I'm thankful for that, too. :)

  3. Ephesians tops out among my favourite books, too. Especially chapters 4 & 5! It doesn't matter how many times I read it - He blesses me with something new.

    And, I am thankful!


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