Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've been away.

Away from my blog.

Away from my Bible.

Away from my Bible Notebook, from early morning musings, from meditation and prayer.

I've been busy.

And I don't know where the last week went to. 

I do know that I started a new eating protocol in an attempt to take off the excess pounds that have been affecting my life, my energy, my joints.  The accident I experienced four years ago left me in enough pain that I did a lot more sitting and a lot less moving, and I gained weight.  Lots of weight.

Since then, I've worked at shedding 45 pounds; but over Christmas, it snuck back on, slowly but surely, until I ended up within 30 lbs of my highest weight.  Ugh.

My daughter told me about a medical protocol for re-adjusting the hypothalmus, which controls the three forms of fat in the body.  She was having great results, but I balked at it.  I didn't want to go on a low calorie diet.  I didn't want to have to give up cream in my coffee, or my relaxing glass of red wine in the evening.  I didn't want to have to stop frying my eggs in butter or snacking if I felt like it.  I stomped my feet (virtually, not in reality) and stubbornly refused to even consider it.

In the Providence of God, our church is studying a book on Spiritual Disciplines. One of the chapter was on fasting.  It makes the point that fasting IS a Spiritual Discipline.  Jesus fasted.  Great men and women of God fasted.  They did it for a purpose, for their own souls to draw closer to God, or for heightened awareness of God in prayer.  Some, like John Wesley and David Brainerd, fasted weekly.  Others fasted rarely... but always for a purpose.

Another thing that was discussed was the fact that fasting can be from all food, or from food and water, or from certain foods.  It can be for a short time (missing one meal) or for an extended time. 

I thought about that a lot.   The Holy Spirit kept prompting me, reminding me, whispering to me... "why not consider this very low calorie diet as a time to break free from the habit of eating whenever you want to?  Why not break free from the selfishness you have exhibited?  Why not give up delicious things for an even better reward - a body that is fit for service, and an attitude that is free from the bondage of having to eat lots of food, on time, many times per day?"

It was a struggle, but I gave in.

When I did, to my surprise, some family members joined me on this journey.  What a blessing it's been to see the pounds drop off!  More than that, what a blessing it's been to realize that I don't have to be controlled by food.  I can control myself by exercising the gift of self-control!

So, I've been busy learning.  I've been reading and counting calories and weighing grams and studying protocols.  I've been measuring and planning and preparing food for myself and the others who have joined me on this journey.  I am so proud of them!

Here's a website where you can learn more, if you struggle with the same issues.  We've lost a family total of 54 lbs so far.  More to follow. 

I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing.

Back to my Bible.

Back to my Bible Notebook.

Back to my meditations and ponderings and blogging. 

See you then! 

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  1. God is good to teach you this! I am really proud of you all.

    Looking forward to more of your sharing.


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