Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visions of God

I saw visions of God. ~ Ezekiel 1:1

Ezekiel was in exile, far from home, in a land unfamiliar to him.  He was among the other exiles in the place in which they had settled by the Chebar canal, and the hand of the Lord was upon him there.

God was preparing Ezekiel for the difficult task ahead.  He called him to be his spokesman, a prophet with a purpose - to proclaim the message of God to His exiled people.  

To do the job, Ezekiel needed to see God.  Read the first chapter of Ezekiel to know what he saw.    It's an amazing, wonderful awe-inspiring sight.

One of the many visions was that of the four living creatures with four faces - 

  1. human - demonstrating intelligence and understanding
  2. lion - demonstrating power and courage
  3. ox - demonstrating strength and steadiness
  4. eagle - demonstrating swiftness and sight
Wherever the Spirit wanted to go, these angelic beings went.  They did the bidding of God with intelligence, power, strength and speed.  

Near the end of the chapter, we see that Ezekiel saw a likeness with a human appearance, filled with brightness and glory.  

Ezekiel's eyes were opened to see an astounding vision of God's power and glory and control.  He saw the living creatures ready and able to do everything God desired.  He saw a glorious human appearance, and he fell on his face.

Pray with me:

That's all we can do, Lord, when we catch a glimpse of Your glory.
                           We fall on our face, and worship.
We are so privileged to be where You've put us in history.  
    We've not seen the vision You gave to Ezekiel.   
          We've not witnessed the creatures or the wheels full of eyes.
We've seen so much more.
     We've seen, through eyes of faith, the cross of Jesus.
           We've seen, through Your infallible Word, the grace of God.
                 We've seen the grand unfolding plan of redemption, 
when You sent Your Son as a tiny babe with the greatest task of all.

We see Your grace, and we fall on our face in worship.

We know that You look on us (wretched creatures) and You do not see 
    the filth
    the shame
    the depravity...

We know that You look on us and see brightness and glory, righteousness and truth.

You look on us and see Jesus.

This is impossible to comprehend apart from Your Spirit, who teaches us all things.

All we can do is thank You.
     All we can do is sing Your praises.
          All we can do is love You, by loving and serving Your people.

Help us to do the work You have prepared for us to do.
Make us faithful.
     Use our feeble hands
             our faltering feet
             our stammering tongues
             our clouded minds...

When we are weak, Show Yourself strong, and use us for Your glory!

Whether we're in exile, like Ezekiel, trapped in a place not of our choosing...
   Or whether we're in a palace, like David, surrounded by riches and blessings galore, 


So, do with us as You will.
         Use us where we are.
Make us worthy to be called Your sons, with the courage of lions, the strength and perseverance of the ox, the speed of eagles, and the intelligence and understanding of Jesus.

Be thou our vision, we pray, with thanksgiving for Your grace.  Amen.

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