Tuesday, July 6, 2010

91 Degrees Fahrenheit

Or 33 degrees celsius.

That's how hot it was today.

I got a call first thing this morning from Adeena, who informed me that a predator had wreaked havoc with her chicken flock, killing 20 of them through the night.  How horrible!

When a crisis hits one of our family members, we rally around and do what we can to help each other.  So, today, we provided an executioner (Jared) to dispatch the rest of the chickens so the raccoon wouldn't get them too.  We provided a holder (Daniel), a skinner (Linda), three gutters (me, Elena and Tiana) and a parter (Heather, who was too squeamish to do anything else).

We salvaged the breast-meat and legs off of the murdered chickens to use for dog food.

Then we processed the 12 birds that survived the onslaught.

When we were finished, we sat down to watch a semi-final game of the FIFA world cup between the Netherlands and Uruguay.

Then we went grocery shopping.  Linda took care of putting all of the groceries away while I watched Critter's soccer game.  They tied, 3 - 3.

I am totally exhausted.  Have I mentioned how hot it was today?

33 degrees.

Or, in Fahrenheit, which sounds even more impressive, 91.  That's HOT.


  1. That IS hot!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for helping us poor, pathetic non-chicken-gutters. ;)

  2. I can help with removing heads but that is the end of my processing of live stock.

  3. And that's the part I *hate*, so it's all good. Let me know if you can come next week to remove a head or two...or 90. :D

  4. It was cool, and actually a bit fun.

    As for the heat, I'm melting at the moment.


  5. 91 sound like we should be basting ourselves in butter.



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