Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Tired.

So tired.

I bought some organic garlic powder from a health-food store in Stratford on Monday. I love garlic, and I like the convenience of opening a bottle and just powdering it on my salad, or sprinkling it on my steak.

Couldn't figure out why I was so gassy. And tired. And experiencing that stabbing pain deep in my gut.

That is, until Heather came over this evening and asked, "Did you have a reaction to the garlic powder we bought on Monday?"

So, that's why I've been feeling rotten. That's why I'm so tired. That's why I'm bloated and gassy and in pain.

Don't know for sure, but I think there's corn in that there garlic powder. Soy doesn't bother Heather, but we're both bothered by corn.

They say it takes 6 months for the gut to heal.

I don't think I ever go 6 months without having my gut ripped apart by some allergen - mainly wheat, or corn, or soy. Sigh.

Makes me look forward to heaven. But I don't really want to go the cancer route to get there.


  1. Did you find out for sure yet? Sigh.

  2. One in our family is enough.

  3. Ugh! Stupid allergies!

    That stinks.

  4. It does stink. All of it does.

    I think I'm the same way; not going six months without reacting to anything...

    But recently it seems like a lot.


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