Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They're fine.

The van is NOT. Fine, that is.

Daniel was on his way home from London and inadvertently turned onto Ilderton Road. He travelled only a few moments before realizing that he turned too soon, then took his foot off the gas pedal, coasting for a bit. Deciding simply to continue on until he could make a left turn, he slowly put the gas pedal back on.

The van fish-tailed. Dan gulped, and corrected. Perhaps he over-corrected a bit, or perhaps the freezing rain had caused so much ice to build up that it was a lost cause. Either way, he ended up skidding BACKWARDS into a steep ditch. The van flipped one and a quarter times, coming to rest on the passenger side.

It's toast.

But Daniel and Elena are fine.

For that, I am very thankful. Vans can be replaced. Kids cannot.


  1. Actually, he corrected it twice.

    Praise the Lord that even though tools were flying everywhere Dan and I weren't hit or hurt.

  2. Tools flying? That sounds like our vehicle. Always good to have a safe and happy ending to those stories.


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