Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Letter from a Dad to his kids

Dan Cummings is more alive than any of us here on this earth. He passed from this present world to the next in February, 2009. His letter to his children is so significant, so weighty, so important, that I urge you to read it.

There is something `other worldly` about those Christians who know they will soon be dying. They have one foot here on earth, and one in heaven.

Frequent readers of my blog will notice that I have focussed much on those Christians who have died and gone before us, or are in the process of dying. That`s because the message is of ultimate importance: YOU ARE DYING! I don`t care if you`re in your teens or in your fifties, like I am. This life is but a vapour, and will soon be over. You`d better start preparing for the next life.

One of my favourite puritan Pastors is Richard Baxter. He was a pastor in the 1600`s, who battled illness his entire adult life. He never was sure he would wake up the next morning, his health was so precarious.

Reflecting poetically on the urgency and centrality of preaching, the Puritan pastor Richard Baxter once remarked, "I preach as never sure to preach again, and as a dying man to dying men." With vivid expression and a sense of gospel gravity, Baxter understood that preaching is literally a life or death affair.

I, too, understand that preaching is a life or death affair. I am not a preacher, per se, but my life speaks volumes. The Bible makes it clear that my life is a living epistle... a book for others to read.

So, I plead with you. If you do not know Jesus as your personal Saviour and the Lord of your life, seek Him. If you do, but you are living each day in the `here and now`, with no view to the future, wake up. Our days vanish like a breath. (Read Psalm 78.)

Go back to the top of this post, click on the link to the letter from Dan Cummings to his children, and ponder.

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