Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shopping List

I simply have to share this neat Shopping List.  It's FREEWARE!  You can download it in seconds, and take a few minutes to edit the items and prices.  Once it is set up, you click, print, and go to the store with a detailed list.  

Shopping is always a challenge in our family, with so many food sensitivities to deal with.  Most of us have celiac disease (so we avoid wheat and gluten) and some of us have sensitivities to corn, soy, dairy, nightshades, and so on.  

The beauty of this shopping list is that I can enter the unusual items I must buy (like sorghum flour) and the estimated cost, so before I even get to the store I have a better idea of what it will cost us.  

It's truly the simple things in life that are a blessing.


  1. Well THAT is awesome!! :D

    Now I will have to remember to keep a list with the cost of everything so I can enter it in. ;)

  2. I thought I could bring home my grocery tapes and enter the prices to get a baseline. Then, when the flyers come out, I can check them for the things I would buy, and update my prices.

    I am actually really excited about using this!


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